At Vocal Visions, you will learn how to develop and use your voice in the best way possible.  No matter what style you choose, you need good techniques that keep your voice healthy and strong.  There are many different approaches to singing out there these days, and some of them are flat out harmful to your voice.  If you’ve experienced pain, hoarseness after singing, scratchiness, or a raspy sound in your voice, you know what I’m talking about.  If you’ve tried a vocal method that has caused your voice to feel continually tired and that has lowered your range, beware!  You could be over-stressing your vocal cords.  This may or may not have life-long consequences, but clearly it’s not a good method for you.  Your vocal cords are less than an inch long and you only get one pair in your lifetime – protect them!

“Vocal Cords:  folds of membranous tissue that project inward from the sides of the larynx to form a slit across the glottis in the throat, and whose edges vibrate in the airstream to produce the voice.”

At Vocal Visions, you will be taught classic techniques that have been tested over time.  You will learn how to use your resonators; to support your sound with breath instead of harsh pressure; to find the different registers within your range and learn how to work with them.  You will learn how to use the natural acoustic framework of your body rather than push on your vocal chords.  In short, you will free  your voice to be the best it can be.

Do you feel limited by the notes you are able to sing on the top or bottom?  Everyone has built-in limitations based on their personal anatomy.  However, most people never realize their full vocal potential.  Even seasoned singers often find that their range expands at Vocal Visions.  This is an issue of technique.  Sometimes we need a different approach, or a new way of using our air and support.  Whatever the case, come to Vocal Visions and see what new techniques you can learn.  Even if you’re an advanced singer, you may be surprised!