You are unique!  And so is your voice.  How often have you heard someone speak that you didn’t see, but knew who it was based on the particular characteristics of their voice?  Who we are as individuals is expressed in many ways, but our voices are like sound fingerprints.


Singing is a sharing of your Self.  We tend to sing music we like, about subjects that mean something to us.  When we sing with and for others, we are opening up to communicating not only the content of our song, but our own hearts and minds.  Perhaps this is why singing is both euphoric and sometimes nerve-wracking.  It also may be the reason for the quote, “When you sing, you pray twice,” attributed to many people from St. Augustine to Johnny Cash.  We can seldom separate our hearts and minds from songs we sing – we’d prefer not to sing at all if the song doesn’t express who we are.


Most of us wish we could sing better than we do, even if we’ve had lots of experience.  There are amazing things that can be done with the voice, and most of us have a wish-list of characteristics we’d like to have in our singing voices.  Some would like louder voices; some would like to have the ability to sing softly and beautifully.  Some would like to have a larger range of notes in their vocal ability.  Some would like more finesse, more control over what comes out.  And others prefer to sing to the top of their lungs without repercussion, yet find that when they do, their voices hurt and can damage easily.


At Vocal Visions, the goal is to protect, strengthen and free that unique voice.  The techniques taught are specifically designed to bring out the natural characteristics of each voice.  Working on skills such as breath support, muscular use and relaxation, and learning to use your resonators, can strengthen your capacity to project who you are to others.