Play like Schroeder…

Let’s Get Started!!

    Rhythm Blocks
    Floating and Drifting
    Floating and Drifting (Practice)
    Improvisation on Floating
    D Between 2 Black Keys
    D Between 2 Black Keys (Practice)
    D Fish
    D Fish Practice
    Something’s Fishy
    Somethings Fishy(Practice)
    D Fish Variations
    Rhythm Blocks 2
    Step Around the Rosie
    Step Around the Rosie (Practice)
    Variations on Rosie
    Variations on Rosie (Practice)
    Rainbow (Practice)
    Chocolate and Vanilla
    Chocolate and Vanilla (Practice)
    Skipping (Practice)
    Rhythm Blocks 3
    To and Fro
    To and Fro (Practice)
    Stardust (Practice)
    I Liketo Whistle
    I Like to Whistle (Practice)
    Catch the Rising Sun
    Catch the Rising Sun (Practice)
    Blues on A & G
    Blues on A & G (Practice)
    Gunther’s Lullaby
    Gunther’s Lullaby (Practice)
    Improvisation on Gunther
    Time Signature #1
    Time Signature #2
    Rosie Steps Out
    Rosie Steps Out (Practice)
    Rolling Marbles
    Rolling Marbles (Practice)
    Three Simple Questions
    Three Simple Questions (Practice)
    More in the House
    More in the House (Practice)
    Fanfare (Practice)
    Be a Clown Waltz
    Be a Clown Waltz (Practice)
    Flagged Eights Notes
    Flagged Eights Notes
    Popcorn (Practice)
    Speaker Humzzz
    Speaker Humzz (Practice)